Sunday, November 3, 2013

The post to end all posts?

Thank you all for your continued readership.  Your kind interest in the things I post very often makes me feel like I am doing something right.  Your even kinder expressions of praise for what I've written makes me feel that I have a chance to do something really helpful with my words one day in the near future.  I like compliments: "sincere, high-brow, insightful, well written, gentle, hilarious, brilliant, humanitarian..." these are my favorite words you've sent me in comments and emails.  Thank you.

I am so happy that you like my voice, even when I am saying things that might not be very important, clever, or beautiful.  I am so grateful to feel a part of-- a part of your night, day, or your thoughts... thank you.  The part of me that is truly an artist is fortified by my audience.

My voice is going silent... that is, I am leaving the auditorium. 

This is my last public post.  I have three reasons why.

1)  It has been brought to my attention that though this blog will help me market my book when it comes out, it is not helping me become better-more-gainfully employed in the meantime.

2)  I had been thinking about taking a vow of silence to complement my meditation practice.  If I am silencing my physical voice, then it is sensible to silence my virtual voice also at this time.  Specifically, this means:
  • No vocal cords unless it is directly related to navigating work or caring for the dogs. ("Billy, stop poking Freddy with the protractor." "Mags, do you need to go bammy?"
  • Phone calls can only be made during a predetermined hour (12-1pm, and anytime with my son).
  • Text-ing, messaging, and email is okay.
3)  Anonymity.  To be one among others.  Right now I need to embrace modesty no matter how I think sharing my daily story might help someone else.  In one sentence, my help is: be grateful for everything at all times, even what you perceive as an obstacle, love up your neighbor, make no assumptions, be silly, be honest, and be gentle.

So. I want to thank you again before the lights go out on my Broadway.  I said I would post every day this year, and I can't imagine the loss I might feel in not doing this any more.  I will finish the year out privately, still journaling, keeping that daily commitment... and by March 2014,  a compilation of the best posts will be available from Amazon or some other publisher, with bonus material from these last 58 days of 2013.  I wanted to finish very badly, but it is time to stop.

Thank you.  I love you all.